domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

It's the rain coming back
And now, I'll open the windows
There will be my feet touching the street
While I'm not going away finally
This time I will not fake even a simple thing
Like I'm trying to stop for so long
But just now i realized that I can do it
Without losing my real smile
I shouldn't lock feelings
Because the truth is
that they still would stay inside
And I was leaving myself behind the door
Just to make sure to do not let me be as I used to
I was just tired
Altough I know that I cannot be different
Everyone would say is exausting to live to another ones
But is too important, and people always forget the others
And yes, I would answer, it is exausting
But this is who I am
And I can get sick of it
But i cannot deny
And I can try to run away
But there will always be me coming home
It's beautiful, like a miracle
All the times I find out what I'm here for, I cry
The heart crying and beating with me
Sometimes, I let it go
Until I remember
I'm here for you, you all
I'm blessed but that's to share
And if I could, I would do anything
I would give everything of my own
If that means you being saved.

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