sábado, 27 de setembro de 2014

Haste The Day Dreamer

All your darkest hours
All your secrets pretending to fade
How can I deal?
How can I change?
Evolution isnt anywhere near our hands
It is natural, but untouchable
And I'm only trying to decide
If my will matters
If my heart makes much of a difference
If I'm still gonna see you without any lights
Even my own personal weak candle

For you Id be the stronger person in history
It feels like you deserve to be saved. To be rescued.
You seem to be one of a kind,
One white clean piece of porcelain hiding in the dirty
One logical sentence floating away from all this madness

I see you smiling
And its like I feel you smiling
Ive seen all around and there's no one I want so bad
Anyone I felt so connected since... ever.
All of our non-stopable conversations
All the songs that remind me of you
All the jokes we laught without a single reason
At least no other reason
Its you.
And you are the one for me
This could be nothing
But its me. And you know me.
I do no move without meanings
And you mean to me the world Id like to give you
The whole universe for a smile
Or a kind word
All star's sparkles just to be near
And all the fire to light your heart

I never felt so happy about following my heart

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